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Which is better GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition vs GoPro HD Hero3 Silver Edition?

Packed footage

It also gave the GoPro HD Hero3+ Silver Edition a serious upgrade. Purchasable is my perfect condition GoPro Hero 4 silver edition, it had been bought for a visit to New Zealand in and around Queens town.

It’s a couple of very minor scratches on the door housing, however, the GoPro will accompany 2 spare back doors, one skeleton for improved audio and one regular waterproof housing.

gopro hero 4 silver edition price
gopro hero 4 silver edition price

It’ll come fully boxed and in original packaging, there’s one minor fault on the GoPro which is the front screen’s definition has faded slightly meaning in some lights it is often awkward to ascertain it clearly.

However thanks to the rear screen this has never been a problem to me and that I doubt it’ll be for you either. Everyone from daredevils to sports athletes use GoPro’s devices to capture the foremost extreme and action-packed footage.

Reliable action camera

The corporate offers different models — complete with different features and hardware accessories — for various purposes. , and they are all capable of shooting high-quality, ultra wide-angle footage.

The HD Hero3+ Silver Edition won’t be as powerful because the Black Edition, as an example, but it’s widely considered a reliable action camera.

gopro hero 4 silver edition specs
gopro hero 4 silver edition specs

Pocket-lint has compared both cameras from top to bottom after spending the day with the new Hero 4 range, beat an effort to assist you opt which is worth some time and money.

The biggest most noticeable difference is the addition of a replacement screen on the rear of the camera that permits you to regulate settings, frame your shot, and considered any footage you’ve captured there Then, without having to link it to a phone or tablet.

The 2 cameras

The screen is obvious and crisp, and therefore, the display aware of touch — a touch too responsive sometimes.The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition offers a max resolution of 1080p60 or 720p120 with an ultra-wide viewing angle.

The GoPro HD Hero3+ Silver Edition similarly offers a max resolution of 1080p60 or 720p120. In other words — regarding video — there’s not much of a difference between the 2 cameras, but the Hero4 does feature a replacement and improved processor and sensor.

gopro hero4 silver edition action camcorder
gopro hero4 silver edition action camcorder

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is capable of snapping 12MP photos at 30fps in burst mode with a hard and fast f/2.8 aperture. It also has photo features like time-lapse (going from intervals of .5 seconds to 60 seconds), night photo (going from 10-second to 30-second exposure times), and night lapse.

It includes a time-lapse feature too. You almost certainly should consider upgrading to the newest GoPro if capturing photo stills is your main concern, as there’s an enormous difference between the 2 cameras.

Dynamic range

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition features a chargeable battery. GoPro hasn’t elaborated on the dimensions or expected battery life yet.

The GoPro HD Hero3+ Silver Edition however features a 1180mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s reportedly 30 percent more long-lasting compared to GoPro Hero3: Silver Edition.

gopro hero 4 silver edition touchscreen
gopro hero 4 silver edition touchscreen

Until Pocket-lint learns more though, this round cannot be called.  You ought to therefore choose the GoPro HD Hero4 Silver Edition, if connectivity are some things that’s important to you.

It’s whatever you bring back the party as both feature micro SD card slots. The Hero4 Silver camera also has features like Pro tune (manual control settings for both photos and video like color, ISO limit, and exposure).

Highlight Tag (allows you to spotlight key moments while recording for easier playback later), a wide-angle field of view via Super view, an auto low-light mode, and high performance audio. GoPro said the new sound system can capture, “clean, hi-fi sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range.”


The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition box include the camera, a typical housing, skeleton and touch back doors. Rechargeable battery, curved and flat adhesive mounts, quick release buckles, a three-way pivot arm, and a USB cable.

The GoPro HD Hero3+ Silver Edition box include the camera, standard housing, quick release buckle, Li-ion battery, curved and flat adhesive mounts.

gopro hero4 silver edition adventure
gopro hero4 silver edition adventure

Vertical quick release buckles a three-way pivot arm, and a USB cable.The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition should cost around £289.99 when it releases on 5 October. The GoPro HD Hero3+ Silver Edition, which released last year, features a standard price of $299.99.

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition may be a clearly the higher upgrade for those of you who has an interest in snapping better stills also as having more connectivity options and features, and if you have been postponed by a scarcity of a screen,

gopro hero4 silver edition camera
gopro hero 4 silver edition camera

you now get one with this upgrade. Unfortunately though it didn’t accompany 4K video. If that is what you’re after, you would possibly also avoid the Silver models altogether; the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition is certainly more up your street.

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