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The water is choppy

While this speaks to the company’s immense popularity, it also can be overwhelming for consumers to navigate. If you liked an area to start out, we’ve compiled our favorite GoPro accessories below, from gimbals to dog harnesses.

A GoPro camera makes time-lapse photography simple because of its fish eye lens and built-in Interferometer. The Go Pole Scene lapse takes it to subsequent level by adding motion into the shot.

best gopro accessories for fishing
best gopro accessories for fishing

Effectively a glorified sand glass with a tripod mount on top, the Scene lapse are often set at predefined intervals where it’ll slowly rotate as your action cam goes about filming or capturing photos.

Every hour, it rotates a full 360 degrees, making it easy to calculate with just a twist how long, and the way far, you would like it to pan. You recognize those cool photos and videos where you see half above water, and half below? You’ll get those too now with the assistance of a diving dome.

The dome effectively adds a bigger front optical element that pushes the water far away from the GoPro’s own lens, making it easier to urge split shots, especially when the water is choppy.

Tripod adapter

There are many these domes out there, but we just like the inbuilt red and close-up filters that accompany the Shoot Diving Dome. It also features a shutter trigger integrated into the grip for quickly snapping pictures.

If you own a GoPro, it’s likely that you simply own other cameras. Nearly every camera uses an equivalent, 1/4-inch thread for attaching a tripod plate, but not GoPro.

To mount your GoPro to a typical tripod, you’ll need an adapter just like the Foodie Pro Go Through. Albeit a GoPro is the only camera you own, having a tripod adapter makes it compatible with a broad range of additional accessories.

best gopro accessories for diving
best gopro accessories for diving

The Remove S1 is the rainproof 3-axis gimbals you’ve been expecting. Besides being rainproof, the standout feature of the Remove S1 is its ability to be begun its wireless joystick remote and be mounted to any standard GoPro clip.

It’s not cheap, but it works with any GoPro going back to the Hero3, so hopefully it’ll last you a couple of more generations to ease the financial burden. (You will get to purchase specialized housing for the Hero3 and Hero4, however.)

Handy Gorilla Pod

While these little gems are available for as little a dollar, we just like the Foto diox adapter because the all-metal mount is as durable because it is lightweight. It’s also “soft-treated,” meaning you’ll hand tighten the screw without having a flowery screwdriver.

The five different colors are a pleasant touch, too. In fact, GoPro itself has an adjunct to assist enhance audio capture. GoPro 3.5-millimeter microphone adapter plugs into the USB-C port on a Hero6 Black or Hero7 camera and adds.

best gopro accessories for skiingbest gopro accessories for skiing
best gopro accessories for skiing

A typical microphone jack for plugging in external microphones (note that the adapters aren’t supported by the old Session models). As for what microphone you employ with it, that’s up to you and your needs.

If you own a Hero4 or older, GoPro features a different (and less expensive) adapter for those cameras. Effortlessly wrap your GoPro around any tree or post you would like with Job’s handy Gorilla Pod.

Although it’s not as tall as a typical tripod — it measures a paltry 10-inches, in any case — don’t knock it as useless. The device’s flexible legs can hold a camera to anything they will wrap around, turning trees into tripods.

The Gorilla Pod is additionally equipped with a ball head, which allows for 90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of pan. As another bonus, it also features a typical 1/4-inch 20 clips, and therefore, the bottom of the mount is threaded to suit on any tripod.

Smooth surface

There are plenty of GoPro sticks (we recently rounded up a number of our favorites) but GoPro’s official 3-Way — an oldie, but a Goodie — is especially handy thanks at its multi-functionality.

You’ll use it as a basic handle for your GoPro, an extendable arm, or just as a tripod. Though it doesn’t extend as far as some telescoping sticks — it moves between 7.5 and 20 inches (ca. 51 cm) — that really makes it less cumbersome and lighter.

best gopro accessories amazon
best gopro accessories amazon

The grip is additionally comfortable and may be detached to become a good smaller handle to your camera. This kit allows you to quickly found out of the precise mount, you would like for whatever situation you discover yourself in.

Not only is it the foremost versatile suction cup mount available, but it’s also incredibly secure and straightforward to use because of the embedded ball head. It’s perfect for attaching a GoPro in or outside a car, or maybe to rocks, boats, small watercraft, or anything with a comparatively smooth surface.

Suction cup mounts just like the ActionScript 3-N-1 really shine in high-speed situations, too, where a typical clamp just won’t hold the camera steady enough. The last item, you would like is for your expensive Hero7 Black to travel flying.

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