toshiba fire tv edition
- fire tv edition

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition full review

Toshiba picture quality

We’d much prefer wider separate feet or one central stand.

toshiba fire tv edition
toshiba fire tv edition

The TV are often mounted, of course, and you’ll need a 200 mm x 300 mm VESA mount to try to so. Even within the relatively modestly-sized room where we tested the TV, it nearly completely took up the whole shelf where we placed it and a broad swath of the wall behind it.

Alexa-enabled remote

This TV isn’t particularly thin and truly tends to be a touch bulky within the very back of the unit, and therefore, the stand also adds width. The legs splay out and need a good, long surface to accommodate them.

Connections for this TV aren’t regrettable for a budget set. On the left side you’ll find the most set — three HDMI ports (one with ARC), one USB port, an optical digital port and a headphone out.

toshiba fire tv edition remote
toshiba fire tv edition remote

They’re a touch far away from the sting to form them super easy to use, but they’re still visible and accessible. The opposite important component is the Alexa-enabled remote, which is little, lightweight, and contains a circular dial with directional controls and play/pause functionality.

That’s almost an equivalent story for the extra ports — namely the RCA composite video inputs, an ether net port and a screw-on coaxial connector for antenna and cable — which are all inset and face downwards.

Amazon’s Fire TV OS

You furthermore may have the advantage of summoning Alexa with the touch of the speaker button, which is intuitively placed at the highest of the remote (though we frequently accidentally hit it once we was trying to push the house button, which is true below it).

Thank fully, you’re likely to attach most of those once and leave them there, so, it’s not an excessive amount of an inconvenience. Plus, there’s built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The buttons are clearly laid out on the remote, and it’s convenient to possess volume and mute controls additionally to a shortcut button to antenna channels.

toshiba fire tv edition 32
toshiba fire tv edition 32

There also are some shortcut buttons as well: Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and Vue. One among the most important talking points about this TV is Amazon’s Fire TV OS, but despite a potentially promising experience, it’s overly aggressive in its content recommendations.

And heavy-handed with It’s advertising banners for Amazon Prime shows. It makes an unfortunate creaking noise almost whenever you push a button, and while it never fell off the noise was distracting and contributed to the plastic and flimsy feel of the remote.

Smart TV platform

This ranges from the apparent, like movies and residential theater gear, to the interest-specific, like sporting goods and proposals personalized to one’s Amazon history.

Sometimes, it is often a touch weird, like the time we turned on the Toshiba Amazon TV to be served a billboard for the Samsung Q7F television. There are some downsides to the remote’s overall quality.

toshiba fire tv edition 55
toshiba fire tv edition 55

Unlike other Fire TV remotes that make a totally smooth and seamless effect on the rear, this remote may be a lot more traditional, with a tab for pulling off the battery cover.

While many smart TV platforms include some sort of advertising, usually of recommended content from preferred apps and services, Amazon’s Fire TV also includes ads for Amazon merchandise.

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