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How to control TV with Alexa and Amazon Echo

TV with Amazon’s Alexa digital

When it works, dominant your TV with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant will desire magic. Victimization voice commands avoids thumbing through menus and may get to what you wish to look at abundant quicker.

You’ll use Amazon’s voice assistant to regulate your TV, search for programs, actors, and even management your DVR. Here’s the way to set it up. However, victimization Alexa as your TV remote needs a small amount of power.

control tv with alexa and fire stick
control tv with alexa and fire stick

Alexa won’t perceive everything you may need to try to, and dominant your actual TV and audio system, needs specific equipment. To avoid potential frustration, we’ll bear what you’ll and can’t do with Alexa burning TV and alternative TV devices, and make a case for the way to set it all up.

Alexa will do plenty of things, as well as management your TV. victimization Amazon’s voice assistant, you’ll look for programs, movies, actors, amendment channels, search content by kind or genre (such as youngsters or sci-fi), and even management playback of your DVR.

Amazon fireplace TV Edition

What’s additional, there area unit multiple ways in which to try too therefore. We’ll walk you through all of them. Except for the first-generation fireplace TV Stick, all fireplace TV devices embrace associate Alexa remote, that enables you to issue voice commands by holding the mike button at the highest.

Except for hands-free voice commands, you’ll want either a separate Alexa device (one Amazon’s Echo speakers or one thing with Alexa aboard, like the Sonos Beam soundboard) or a hearth TV Cube, that has intrinsically microphones for selecting up voice commands.

control tv with alexa app
control tv with alexa app

If you have got a hearth TV, fireplace TV stick, or associate Amazon fireplace TV Edition, you’ll management its actions via Alexa in 2 ways in which. Using the device (will solely work with second-generation and later fireplace TV devices)

Pairing associate Echo to a hearth TV is automatic if you merely have one fireplace TV device. Simply use any TV-related voice command (such as “Alexa, watch Mozart within the Jungle on Amazon Prime”) associated you’ll air your way.

Dish systems victimization

If you have got an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or another Alexa-enabled device, you’ll management Fios, Frontier, Optic Hub, Tivo, and Dish systems victimization nothing however your voice.

To try to therefore, you have got to link your Alexa device to the cable box. You’re currently able to begin victimization voice commands alongwith your fireplace TV, however detain mind that Alexa doesn’t work with each app.

control tv with alexa broadlink
control tv with alexa broadlink

On the far side Amazon’s own Prime Video service, the apps that Alexa presently supports embrace Netflix, Hulu, Fox Now, NBC, NBC News, Bravo Now, CBS, Sony Crackle, Free form, Showtime, first Anytime, STARZ Play, ESPN, and PlayStation Vue.

Within these apps, Alexa is at its best after you request specific shows, movies, or channels. You can look for programs by name, genre, actor, and more. For instance, you’ll provoke movies with Tom Cruise, and also the fireplace TV can refer an inventory of flicks he’s asterisked in.

After you look for video

Alternative searched embrace kid-friendly movies, science-fiction, Westerns, and sports. The hearth TV additionally supports looking for content, however, the results here area unit mixed.

Unless you have got a hearth TV Cube (more thereon shortly), you can’t scroll through the results while not a correct remote, and a few apps don’t support looking the least bit.

control tv with alexa sonos
control tv with alexa sonos

If you have got one in all the cable or satellite services listed on top of, you’ll additionally raise Alexa to tune to a selected channel. Not like a alternative fireplace TV devices, the Cube is optimized for dominant your TV with Alexa.

After you look for videos with hands-free commands, you’ll see special results page with numbers that correspond to every result. Say “Alexa, choose [item number]” to pick a result, or “Alexa, show more” to scroll through the list.

The hearth TV Cube

If you don’t have one in all the cable subscribers listed on top of (or albeit you do), you’ll additionally management your TV victimization Alexa and a Logitech Harmony Remote.

This technique additionally offers you management over the degree, enables you to switch between totally different inputs, and more. Here is our guide to connect the Harmony Remote to Alexa.

control tv with alexa
control tv with alexa

The hearth TV Cube can even act sort of big Echo Show, providing a cowl, art after you provoke music, and displaying supplemental info for general queries, like weather reports and sports scores.

The hearth TV Cube even includes an intrinsically infrared working man, which may directly management your TV, electronic equipment, and sure cable boxes.

The initial setup method ought to handle the pairing, however, you’ll found out instrumentation once more through Settings > instrumentation management > found out instrumentation.

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