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How to connect an Amazon Echo dot to a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker choice

The audio quality is ok however when you need to crank up your jams while knocking out a little spring cleaning, the amount just doesn’t mount up.

I pay attention to the audio books through my phone (Huawei P30 Pro) as well as the car stereo inside my Mini Cooper while I’m driving both to and from work every day.

echo dot bluetooth lautsprecher
echo dot bluetooth lautsprecher

The problem is that these brief sessions only allow me about 40 minutes of listening every day. That’s not much time for it to go through the full-length novel within the time allotted for a Libby loan.

If you have another Bluetooth speaker inside vicinity, you can pair the Echo Dot to it to boost the sound. You can technically try this with any smart speakers, but I believe it’s most needed with the miniature Echo Dot.

The Bluetooth speaker choices are much more varied. I have tried listening over the built-in speaker on my phone to get ready for work inside the mornings.

Technical connect device

However, the Huawei speaker’s max volume setting isn’t loud enough will hear over the sound in the shower and the bathroom fan. Being already in possession of a smart speaker plus a wireless speaker with better sound means you won’t have the requirement shopping.

But if you’re missing rogues, I would recommend several top tier choices including the Anker Sound core Flare Wireless Speaker and Ultimate Ears Boom 3.

echo dot bluetooth problems
echo dot bluetooth problems

I thought about buying a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker than I could put inside the shower beside me, but I currently have a speaker inside my bathroom — an Amazon Echo Dot which can be actually what started my new-found love for audio books in the to begin with.

You could technically connect your devices together using cables but that’s not the target as soon as I’ve. Instead, we’ll need to look into how to pair the Echo Dot to a Bluetooth speaker via Wi-Fi. If only there was a method I could hear Libby through the Echo Dot like paying attention to an Audible book.

Sure, I could work with a line out cable to plug my phone to the speaker, however, the way my Echo Dot is mounted in my bathroom (see lead image) the three.5 mm line out jack is blocked — and who wishes to use cables anyway, it’s 2019 for goodness’s sake!

The pairing process

Once the pairing is successful, the speaker will likely be displayed inside the report on Bluetooth devices within the Alexa app. Your Echo Dot will also let you know if the pairing continues to be successful.

At this point, it is possible to ask Alexa to experience your selected tunes as well as other tasks along with the sound will probably be routed using your Bluetooth speaker.

echo dot bluetooth setup
echo dot bluetooth setup

Then a bulb flicked on within my brain and I thought, let’s say I could utilize the Echo Dot being a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker? A quick Google and I discovered that yes, it definitely is possible!

After this initial setup, the Dot should automatically pair while using speaker down the road. However, if it doesn’t happen, it is possible to just tell Alexa to “Connect,” and the Echo Dot will hook up with the past used device.

Sometimes the method might not exactly work and you’ll should get a one of these different approach. Unfair the devices derived from one of another, reset them by turning them both off and back on, then go from the pairing process again.

Alexa app

Through the Alexa app, it is possible to set the Echo Dot to experience music off their certain other streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, etc. But as you will notice, Libby isn’t a part of that list.

But a bit more Googling reduced the problem learn that I can pair the Echo with my phone and use it as with every other Bluetooth speaker.

echo dot bluetooth version
echo dot bluetooth version

If at any point you’d prefer to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker from the Echo Dot, click on the name from the speaker inside Alexa app and tap Disconnect.

You can also tell Alexa to “Disconnect,” and Alexa will tell you that the deed continues to be performed. This does not eliminate the entry through the Alexa app, only disconnects it at the moment.

Now when I am getting ready in the morning, I just say, “Alexa, hook up with my phone” and wait for her to say that she’s connected. Then start the Libby app.

Tune in to music

When I’m done listening, I press pause within the Libby app and say, “Alexa, disconnect” and Alexa will confirm that this connection has been disconnected.

To eliminate the entry for your Bluetooth speaker in the Alexa app entirely, go through the name in the Bluetooth speaker while inside Alexa app and tap Forget Device.

echo dot bluetooth iphone
echo dot bluetooth iphone

Watch because the entry disappears from the report on connected Bluetooth devices. To connect it again afterwards, you’ll ought to go over the entire pairing process again.

I like that I’ve found another use for my Amazon Echo Dot as well as just using it to tune in to music, see the news, or tune in to podcasts.

Now if I can just solve the situation with not having the capacity to switch off the wake alarm inside the morning because Alexa will say there’s no link to the internet.

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